October 19, 2017

About Us

Why I Created Astute Group?


Astute Group is the result of a major issue we faced at my families retail electronics business, the lack of goal-driven marketing. We conducted marketing activities, but they were not part of a plan, there wasn't a strategy and a plan.  I realized that without goal-driven marketing, we were simply running a business, not driving our success.

Fortunately, I got out of the family business, went on to work for one of the largest corporations in the world, and went back to school to get my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree. I was taught the importance of setting goals and measuring progress. It occurred to me that most departments in a business are an expense, but marketing was an investment because marketing generates revenues when executed properly.

I continued in my career, while also taking over the marketing of my families business. My planning and strategies grew that small retail store into a regional franchise with over 30 stores.


What's in a Name?


The word astute means "having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people, and turn this to one's advantage". We felt it was a perfect representation of what Astute Group does best, assess situations, then develop strategies and execute plan's designed to our client's advantage.

Goal-driven marketing meeting


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple, it's all about the bottom line. Marketing drives the bottom line and successful marketing is all about strategy. Astute Group will develop the right strategy and formulate a plan exclusive to each client, achieving their desired goals!

Every business is unique, and every market has its own challenges. Cookie cutter approaches provide minimal, if any value, and achieve very little. To create value and provide the greatest ROI, we develop the best strategy, then build and implement a plan designed exclusively for your business. But we don't stop there, we continue to adapt and stay ahead of the market, ensuring continued success.


We partner with industry leading organizations to deliver the best possible solution for your challenges.  To ensure we are doing so, we study, practice and test to achieve certified validity from our partners.

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Next Steps...

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