May 7, 2018

SaaS Marketing

 SaaS Marketing - Software as a Service

We understand the unique challenges that SaaS companies face and have developed services specifically to help SaaS providers market their offerings and generate revenues quickly and consistently. We appreciate the challenges created by the "Cash Flow Gap" that exists in your industry, that's why we developed marketing solutions which reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and help increase the customer's Lifetime Value (LTV). We can help,

  • Gain new customers quickly and efficiently
  • Retain customers for long-term relationships
  • Increase LTV through upselling and add-on's

Astute Group offers a complete array of SaaS marketing services to build your brand perception and drive leads and sales!

SaaS Marketing Services

Brand Strategy

Brand and Perception 

A well-perceived brand is priceless, decision makers relate to brands and will often make purchase decisions because of their perception of a brand. Is your branding conveying the right image and generating the greatest possible perceived value?

A great brand consists of much more than a logo and a slogan, let us show you what it takes to build a great brand.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

The shortest path to a sale comes from targeted lead generation, attract the people that are looking for what you have to offer. We will develop a custom-tailored inbound marketing plan to attract potential buyers that are in target markets for your offerings and convert them into prospects. Those prospects will be nurtured and qualified, with their activities being scored, resulting in qualified leads. Our process provides several benefits

  • Qualified leads that are seeking your offerings
  • Shorter sales cycles with higher close rates
  • Reduce marketing and sales costs
Attracting Leads

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Product Marketing Collateral
Content Marketing & Collateral

When marketing an intangible like a service or an application, quality marketing materials are critical, especially educational materials. While screenshots and demos are available, it's the marketing materials that attract potential buyers and gets them to the point where a demo would be desired.

We are experts at marketing technical products and services, we have created a wide range of digital and print content for IT services and products. Data is critical in marketing technical products and services, but data can also be very boring. We present the data in an impactful way that will stick in the readers' mind and clearly gets the point across.

  • Website Content
  • Digital Ads
  • E-Books
  • Social Media
  • Presentations
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • Technical Specifications
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
Retention and Up-Selling

It's cheaper, quicker and easier to sell more to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. We utilize marketing automation to maximize Lifetime Value (LTV) for each and every customer. The Astute difference is targeted campaigns.

We develop perceptive process flows that are customized to the customers' interests and actions. Many marketers just create a list of emails that are sent on specific days after one another, not us. We create custom responses and offerings based on how the customers react to a message, offer, or specific content. The intuitive design of our targeted campaign flow gets the right content, in front of the right person, at the right time, resulting in

  • Greater revenues per customer
  • Long-Term brand recognition and referrals
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings


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