Product Marketing

Growing Product Line Sales by 1000%

We helped a client increase sales of a product by 500% the first fiscal year that we were retained, and then double that amount the second fiscal year.

By branding the product, positioning, collecting test data, developing marketing materials, and training the sales team about the market and product, we drove phenomenal growth.

Web Strategy

Website Redevelopment - eCommerce

What do you do when you have a website with thousands of pages,  has amazing functionality and attracts thousands of visitors, but does not create significant opportunities for sales?

That was the problem our client was facing, with tens of thousands of dollars already invested into the site and unique functionality that was very expensive, and not being utilized fully. We conducted an assessment of the site and made recommendations. Then we identified the best web design firm to implement our plan.

The result, a 45% increase in visitors to the site, up to 100% increase in certain types of conversions, and the addition of e-commerce and helpful tools integrated into the sight, all achieved below budget!

Automated Marketing

Generating Qualified Leads that Buy!


Client had a site that received an average of 10,000 visitors a month, this high volume site was not creating quality leads unfortunately. Sales people were losing faith in the leads created, and were making the calls in order to maintain their follow-up quota, but didn't view the opportunities as reliable or important. They felt that their time was being wasted calling people that were not interested or pushed away because they were being contacted far to early in the buying process.

We implemented an automated marketing system, and defined the requirements to convert a visitor to a qualified lead. This was a very complex project that involved a great deal of work, but we did it, and did it right.

By defining the right market segments, creating content for each segment and defining the value activities performed by the visitor, we were able to identify quality leads that were seriously interested and even ready to buy.

Sales people were pleased that we increased their efficiency and close ratio, while reducing the number of leads.


Growing Sales by 28% through Training

A state wide franchise with 30 locations throughout Michigan was having issues with customer service and same store sales numbers. We came in and assessed the sales procedure and identified key issues.

Working with the Sales and Operations leaders, we were able to put together a custom sales procedure that not only increased sales, but increased KPI's, as required by the franchise.

With retail locations throughout the state, we created innovative tools to deliver training, and make it accessible when best for the retail staff.