December 5, 2017

Brand Development

Your Brand Is Your Identity

A brand creates an identity and a perception. Developing a brand that conveys your business accurately is critical, the brand is the core of any marketing strategy.  How do you want your brand to be perceived?

Astute Group will work closely with your organization to develop and implement the best branding strategy for your business. Every aspect will be covered and we will make sure to create the best possible representation of the company, product or service. A brand is much more than a name and a logo!

Brands in the Digital Age should include

  • Well-designed logo
  • Catchy Slogan that sets a valid expectation
  • Story that compels
  • A Purpose beyond making money
  •  The (Insert Brand Here) Experience

We begin by understanding your goals and conclude with an identity which

  • Appeals to and connects with target markets
  • Create a lasting impact on whoever encounters them
  • Exemplify the desired value and perception
  • Clearly differentiates the business and its offerings

Another benefit of a great brand is attracting employees and retaining existing staff. Internal branding is extremely valuable for human resources and talent acquisition.

Brand Strategy
Brand Perception


  • Your brand should define your position in the marketplace
  • A Slogan should provide insight into the value of your brand
  • The overall presentation should be memorable and attractive


Everyone loves a good story, and they often remember it. Help people connect with your brand, by telling your story.

  • People remember what they can relate to
  • Personalization helps people relate
  • Understanding why your in business is important to many customer segments
Your brand story

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Brand Experience Icon


The experience is what makes brands like Amazon, Apple, Home Depot and many others so successful. Customers know what to expect each and every time they interact with these companies. It's a consistent level of service that creates great value.

For example, a notification when a product is shipped or a handwritten thank you card in each package makes a lasting impact. Remember, it's the little things that make the difference.


Creating a brand for a product or product line generates numerous benefits,

  • Increased value and perception of quality
  • Awareness and referrals increase (people remember names)
  • Profit margins and revenues grow
Brand the product
Branding Expert

Today's digital world makes it very easy for anyone to share their experience with your brand. Many buyers are heavily influenced by reviews because of how they:

  • Provide insight into the brand
  • Build trust and increase value
  • Educate the business on perception and improvements

79% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

Let us build a quality brand for your business or products, contact us for a free consultation.

Brand a product line

Case Study

We created and branded an entire product line, establishing our client as the leader in the market!