December 23, 2017

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Consultants

Whether launching a new product or trying to grow sales of an existing product, an Astute Group Product Marketing Consultant will provide the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to drive growth and achieve goals.

Creating a great product is just the beginning, that great product must now be marketed. Marketing is critical to the success of a product, more critical than any attribute of the product, including price, quality, etc.

Astute Group can provide the marketing help needed to make your product a great success.


Product Marketing Launch


Tell the world about your new bundle of joy, your great new product. A well-executed product launch can be the difference between success and failure. We will determine the best channels to create awareness and generate interest, before your product even hits the market.

  • Product Collateral
  • Press Releases
  • Online Advertising
  • Sales Training
  • Testing and Performance Data
  • Social Media Marketing

And if applicable to your product

  • Trade Shows
  • Partner Marketing
  • New Product Promotions


Given a choice, most buyers prefer the product with a brand name. Branding a product adds value and can create a perception of value, quality or reliability. Branding also increases profit margins and overall sales!

  • Brand Name
  • Value Statement
  • Positioning
  • Personalization Story (How this product makes the world better)
  • Drive Reviews
Branding - Product Marketing

In some cases, it makes sense to support a cause or give back to the community. People love a brand that cares and is not just focused on making money.

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Product Marketing Channels


What's the most effective way to get your product out to the world? It's different for every product.

Don't worry, we got this. We will work with you to develop a distribution strategy and determine what channels are best for selling your product. These can include,

  • Direct Sales Team
  • Distributors
  • eCommerce Website (Various platforms available)
  • 3rd Party Commerce Sites
  • Wholesalers
  • Integrators
  • White Label
  • Value Added Resellers

Just like any other job, the right tools make it a lot easier. Your sales team needs to be empowered with all of the information available about your product, as well as competitors products, and how you position against them.  They also need effective materials to show and tell your story. Remember, a picture says a thousand words. We'll develop the right tools and collateral, including,

Product Marketing Collateral
  • Competitor and Market Analysis Report
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • FAQ's
  • Product Positioning Document
  • Product Sell Sheets
  • Whitepapers
  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Presentations
  • Brochures

1,000% Growth

See how we helped grow sales of an existing product line by 1,000% in just two short years.