5 Benefits of Using a Small Business Marketing Consultant

The 5 Benefits of A Small Business Marketing Consultant

A small business marketing consultant is like a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), except they focus on marketing, not accounting. Almost every small business I know of has a CPA that they look to for expertise in accounting and tax matters. I believe small business owners retain CPA’s primarily out of fear of having tax issues. No one wants to be audited by the IRS.

While marketing generally doesn’t create legal issues or fear, it should be a key concern of business owners. Marketing generates leads, brings in sales and drives growth. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize this due to the broad scope of activities that fall under the “marketing” umbrella.

A good marketing consultant will help small business owners by providing marketing expertise that generates measurable results and achieves specified goals. Every consultant has their own way of doing things, we can only speak to how Astute Group approaches marketing consulting and provides:

A Broader Perspective

An Astute small business marketing consultant will identify the big picture, the one that factors in the market, competition, industry trends, and other external factors while assessing internal activities, tools and resources.

They offer an unbiased and fresh perspective, one that is not tied to the business emotionally like an owner. Consultants have seen and worked with numerous businesses and encountered a variety of situations, providing them with broader perspective and experience.

Strategic Planning

Most business owners think marketing is primarily creative and focused on pretty pictures and a play of words. Marketing is actually strategic, advertising is the creative area that falls under the marketing umbrella.

A major focus of marketing in large corporations is developing strategies to build a great brand and value proposition, gain market share, increase leads and drive growth. A good marketing consultant will provide strategic guidance to achieve your marketing goals.

Implement Tactics and Techniques

Modern technology has made it easy to conduct marketing activities, what isn’t easy is doing it right. It not just what you do, but how you do it that gets results.
Just think of how many unwanted emails you receive in a day, or how many ads you see, how many posts on social media. Now ask yourself which ones get your attention? Then which ones you respond to? Both of these outcomes have a purpose and a benefit. That’s where the marketing consultant comes in with tactics and techniques to get real results.

Provide Guidance and Focus

Providing guidance is a vague statement with a direct intent. Each business has different needs, but they all need some level of guidance. That could mean guidance on how to achieve new goals, managing a project, annual planning or just keeping focus on marketing and getting the activities done as scheduled.
A marketing consultant will keep the company focused on marketing. Most small businesses do not have a high-level leader for the marketing department. Sure, they may call someone a marketing manager, but does that manager have real leadership and planning skills?

Fill in the Marketing Gaps

Small businesses are limited on resources and experience in marketing. They may have one and if lucky two people in their “marketing department”, other times it’s the owner and an assistant or clerical person who also helps with the marketing.

The reality is small businesses usually focuses on a few activities and creates huge gaps. A small business marketing consultant will use their broad perspective to identify what’s needed to achieve the greatest possible outcome for each marketing goal.

As we stated earlier, these are the benefits provided by Astute Group small business marketing consultants. Each marketing consultant has their own capabilities, experience, skills and expertise. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.