The 5 requirements for successful email marketing

The 5 Requirements for Successful Email Marketing

If you are like most people, every time you check your email, there are several messages from unknown sources, about things you don't care about. I trust that annoys you, I know it annoys me! Don't be one of those annoying businesses that send's unwanted email, aka SPAM. Spam is not email marketing, it is simply a waste and can negatively impact your brand and image. Succesful email marketing will increase awareness of your brand, improve its image and generate new revenue.

Email marketing is an extremely beneficial tool when executed properly. Proper execution is much more than buying a list of email addresses and sending unwanted messages.
There are five key requirements to create an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Qualified List
2. Targeted Messaging
3. Appealing Subject Line
4. Quality Content (Quality over Quantity)
5. Call to Action

1. A Quality List - Quality lists are not purchased, they are organically developed through content on your website, social media, promotions and other areas related to your business. People that want to hear about your business will let you know, you just need to give them a reason to want to receive information from your business. There should be multiple lists based on what interests the contact has expressed

2. Targeted Messaging - Successful email marketing is not "one size fits all", email campaigns should be targeted around a user persona. The content should be relevant to the readers expressed interests, and written and designed in a manner that is cohesive to the user persona. For example, a message to an executive should be brief and to the point, while a message to an engineer should have facts and data that they will find useful. A text email is fine for certain types of messages, while graphics and images are great for other types.

3.  Appealing Subject Line - The Subject Line is arguably the most important part of the message, it's the 3-second window of opportunity to capture the reader's attention. Think about how many emails you get a day, which ones do you open? Isn't the subject line a key factor in that decision? So you want to make sure to create a subject line that is relevant, concise and compelling. This becomes much easier to do when lists are segmented and focused.

4. Quality Content - You have achieved the 3 prior requirements for a successful email marketing campaign, you captured the reader's attention and then poof, it all comes crumbling down. All because the message just didn't look good, was hard to read, or had useless information. I've opened messages like that and when I do, I usually go straight down to "unsubscribe".  Don't give your audience a reason to unsubscribe. Combine layout, images, and text to create a clear message that is compelling to the reader.

5. Clear Call to Action - There is a reason you are sending that email, that reason is generally to get the reader to perform a specific action, that action could be visiting a page on your website, placing an order, booking an appointment or one of several other actions. That action needs to be clearly conveyed and easy to take.

Implementing these five components into your email marketing campaign will make a difference. Astute Group offers consulting services and can help you start and implement an email marketing program and teach you how to run it, or we can do all the work for you. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.