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The Astute Difference is our analytical approach to small business marketing, we think of it as real marketing. Real marketing that generates real results, results that can be measured. We know that real marketing is an investment and not an expense because it generates a return and drives growth. Real marketing is more strategic than it is creative, it focuses on goals and how to achieve them, not pretty pictures and fancy words. 

That's why we provide reporting and analysis for every project we do, we let the numbers do the talking. The numbers that matter, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) like the number of qualified leads generated and cost per lead, not how many likes on social media or the number of emails opened. 


About Astute Group

We're strategies with a passion for marketing. A passion developed by experience and enforced through education. Having experience in the family business and later as a small business owner myself, I’ve personally suffered the challenges small business face with identifying the real return on marketing. That drove my decision to go to college and study marketing. Upon graduation, I developed my expertise by working for two different Fortune 500 companies, and two smaller organizations. I started my business to empower small businesses with the expertise and resources needed to market like a big business, scaled to their budget. I want to help small business owners achieve the American dream, a dream that is becoming more of a fantasy as larger corporations dominate more and more markets.


Solutions Built Around Your Business

Small business marketing solutions scaled to fit your needs. Whether it's a small campaign or a large project, we'll get it done and achieve your goals. We don't believe in "One Size Fits All" because each business is different, with different goals, different resources, different markets. We develop a solution specifically for your business. Building on what you're doing right and supplementing what's needed.

Our Process Drives Results

S.T.O.M.P. is our exclusive process provides the framework to achieving your marketing goals and taking your business to the next level.

Marketing Consulting Process

Accelerate Growth

The one thing all successful businesses have in common is great marketing. It takes expertise to be great, marketing is our expertise, let us help your business grow through great marketing. Great marketing starts with strategies and plans, not ads and posts. It's driven by goals and executed with a unified approach, not individual activities. Marketing is the key to creating value and driving growth in any business. Almost every major corporation started as a small business and accelerated growth through great marketing.


No Cookie-Cutter Marketing

Modern technology has made it quick and easy to conduct "marketing" activities and so many business owners cannot resist the temptation. Online "cookie-cutter" services flood the market with emails, ads, pop-ups, and funnels that just about everyone is sick of seeing. This approach can be very detrimental to your business and its reputation, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Potential customers get turned off and mark emails as spam, zip past your ads and immediately close pop-ups. Not to mention, what's quick and easy for you to do, is just as quick and easy for your competitors.

Don't "put the cart before the horse", marketing activities need to be conducted with the right strategy and as a component of a unified plan to generate the best possible results.  Before talking about ads, emails, and social media, let's talk about strategies, tactics, and goals.



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