Misconceptions about Marketing

8 Misconceptions Business Owners Have About Marketing

8 Detrimental Marketing Misconceptions Business Owners Have  The term marketing has different meanings to different people. With so many different activities falling under the marketing umbrella, it’s no wonder business owners have misconceptions about what marketing is. (Suggestion: Take our Marketing Quiz before reading this article. This will provide you with a gauge to measure your marketing[…]

Marketing Consultant

5 Benefits of Using a Small Business Marketing Consultant

The 5 Benefits of A Small Business Marketing Consultant A small business marketing consultant is like a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), except they focus on marketing, not accounting. Almost every small business I know of has a CPA that they look to for expertise in accounting and tax matters. I believe small business owners retain[…]

Email Marketing

The 5 requirements for successful email marketing

The 5 Requirements for Successful Email Marketing If you are like most people, every time you check your email, there are several messages from unknown sources, about things you don’t care about. I trust that annoys you, I know it annoys me! Don’t be one of those annoying businesses that send’s unwanted email, aka SPAM.[…]

Most Common Marketing Mistake

The Most Common Marketing Mistake

There is one common marketing mistake that business owners often make. If your idea of marketing is placing an ad on social media, or sending a “sale” email to a list of email addresses purchased from a 3rd party and you expected a return by conducting one of these activities on its own, then you[…]

Reviews, the Key to Building a Brand

Purchases are made from sources that are knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. How these values are earned in the information age is quite different than the past. In today’s world, total strangers are friends thanks to social media, ratings, feedback, blogs and more. Buyer’s respect and value the feedback of total strangers through reviews and ratings. We live[…]

Goals For Your Website

Whether you have an existing site, or are thinking of creating a new one for your business, goals need to be identified. The most common reason businesses build websites is to share information. However, websites can do so much more for the business. For example, gather information and help to identify potential customers. There are[…]

Web Presence

Website vs. Web Presence

In today’s digital age, businesses assume they need to have a website. Most businesses are correct, they do need a website, but not all businesses need one. However, all businesses need to have some sort of web presence, and that presence is different for each business. What do we mean by a web presence? Web[…]