December 5, 2017

Goals For Your Website

Whether you have an existing site, or are thinking of creating a new one for your business, goals need to be identified. The most common reason businesses build websites is to share information.

However, websites can do so much more for the business. For example, gather information and help to identify potential customers. There are software applications that can track a visitor when they come to your site, that visitor is given a unique identifier (similar to a serial number). Whatever pages that visitor looks at, are recorded with the unique identifier. Once the visitor provides information about themselves, those prior visits are connected to the users info, and can provide very valuable information about a new lead.

Another common use for websites is to create warm leads, a well designed business website will encourage a visitor to contact the business. Ideally, there should be several methods of contact readily available on the site, as people have different preferred methods of communication. Some want to call and get info instantly, others prefer to use a live chat for instant information. Some people may not need the info instantly and prefer to submit a form, or send an email.

The 2nd most common goal of a website is to conduct sales right on the site. eCommerce is increasing daily as people become more comfortable with buying online. Advancements in security, as well as new services from credit card companies for eCommerce, and online payment systems like PayPal make it very convenient and give buyers a sense of trust with online buying.