January 8, 2018

Reviews, the Key to Building a Brand

Purchases are made from sources that are knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. How these values are earned in the information age is quite different than the past. In today’s world, total strangers are friends thanks to social media, ratings, feedback, blogs and more. Buyer’s respect and value the feedback of total strangers through reviews and ratings.

We live in a day and age where we trust the opinion of a total stranger! Think about it, when choosing a restaurant to eat at, making a purchase or thinking about using a service, do you look for reviews and ratings from popular sources like Google, Yelp and others?

Ironically, the reviews are posted by complete strangers, people we have no way of knowing, people that may not really exist. Sure, the more trusted sites verify an email address or connect to a social media account, but those are easily forged. That person stating their opinion could very well be someone affiliated with the business like an employee, or a friend of the owners or the owner themselves.

Yet every year, tens of millions of opinions are posted publicly and millions upon millions of people view those reviews and use them to make a decision. Those reviews can carry great value with some people, and can essentially make or break a brand!

Ironically, one bad review seems to stand out like a sore thumb, or even more. We are a society that likes things to flow smoothly, a disruption in the flow scares or at least annoys most people. That one negative review is like a pebble seizing the front wheel on a skate board or roller blades, we all know what happens when that wheel seizes. I have scars because of those darn pebbles, so to do business get scarred from a bad review.

That is why it is critical to optimize the experience your customers, clients, visitors and prospects experience when they interact with any part of your business!

Whether its the website, customer service agents, sales people, billing or any other interaction between your business and the rest of the world, make sure to optimize the interaction, your brands success depends on it!

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