December 5, 2017

Website vs. Web Presence

Web Presence

Web Presence

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In today’s digital age, businesses assume they need to have a website. Most businesses are correct, they do need a website, but not all businesses need one.

However, all businesses need to have some sort of web presence, and that presence is different for each business. What do we mean by a web presence?

Web presence means that information about your business is available on the internet at various websites. These sites can include Facebook, Google directory, Yelp just to name a few.

Your probably asking yourself, why wouldn’t I build a website for my business?
Because building the site is the easy part, drawing people to it is the difficult, and somewhat expensive part. Once a site is up and running, it needs to attract visitors. Attracting visitors does not happen instantly, search engines like Google will not list your site on a search that is a perfect description of your company just because the site is up.