The Most Common Marketing Mistake

There is one common marketing mistake that business owners often make.

If your idea of marketing is placing an ad on social media, or sending a “sale” email to a list of email addresses purchased from a 3rd party and you expected a return by conducting one of these activities on its own, then you have probably been very disappointed with your marketing efforts.

The Most Common Marketing Mistake

I will dare to say that your return was minimal and you were left dissatisfied with the results. You probably started thinking marketing is a bunch of bs. Unfortunately, you committed the most common mistake made in marketing. You did not develop and execute a Marketing Plan!

All of the above-mentioned activities are valuable tools when used as part of a well thought out and complete marketing plan. These individual activities are just the bait on the hook. To catch the fish, a hook, weight, line, reel, rod, and fishermen are needed. It is very easy for the bait to be eaten, but not hook the fish. A good fisherman knows that different fish need different bait. They know where the fish hang out, how deep to sink and how to move the bait, and don’t get anxious trying to pull in the catch too soon.

The same holds true in marketing. You wouldn’t wrap fishing line around your hand and try to catch a fish. Well, that’s what you’re doing if you buy a list of email addresses and send them irrelevant messages. The list should be built organically and the messages should be specific to that buyer’s needs and wants. That is just one piece of the puzzle. To build that organic list, you have to attract visitors and turn them into leads. You’re probably asking yourself, how do I attract the visitors? Well, that is an art and a science that marketers should have mastered.

Don’t start making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. Your business can market effectively and it doesn’t cost a small fortune. We can help your business by implementing a process that has been proven to be successful by numerous businesses, large and small. Contact us and let us help you avoid the most common marketing mistake and show you that marketing is a wise investment that yields great returns.