Much More than a Logo and a Slogan!






A successful brand strategy builds an identity and a perception that distinguishes your business and creates value. Brand development in this internet age goes beyond a catchy name and a logo. It incorporates modern technology and embraces the behavioral changes to how perceptions are made and reputations are built. Your brand strategy is more important than ever,  today information spreads very quickly and easily reaches so many people. Astute Group will develop and implement a brand strategy that clearly conveys your businesses identity, qualities, and value proposition. 

A Brand Creates A Perception, Great Brands Bring that Perception to Life!

Brand Strategy


How We Define A Great Brand

  • Appeals to target markets
  • Creates a lasting impact on whoever encounters it
  • Consistently exemplifies the desired value and perception
  • Clearly distinguishes the business and its offerings

A 360 Degree Brand Strategy

Astute Groups holistic approach to brand strategy ensures that your brand communicates a consistent message everywhere and anywhere it is encountered. This is beyond logos, colors, and taglines, this is full circle branding that addresses every aspect of your brand in any interaction. For example, your salespeople are a representation of your brand, what's your strategy for conveying your brand through your salespeople?

Experiential Branding

The experience people have in any interaction with your brand impacts the overall perception and brand value. It doesn't have to be a customer, it could be a visitor to your website or a caller that dials into your main line, anyone that has any interaction at any level "experiences" your brand. Many opportunities have been lost because of a poor user experience, which often leads to negative feedback that can detriment your brand. Our branding strategies include the experience. That's just one of the ways we develop a 360-degree brand strategy.

product marketing results


Drove 1,000% Increase in Sales of a Product Line

Shop Floor


Established Manufacturer as an Industry Leader by Branding a Feature Across All Product Lines!

Equipment Case Study


 Increased revenues by 110%  by developing and implementing the right strategy for E-Commerce and Marketing Automation.


Increased Site Traffic, Conversions and other KPI's by an average of 40% while generating qualified leads and reducing PPC and Cost Per Lead