April 20, 2018


Why Your Business Needs A Marketing Consultant

Frankly, because you are not a marketing expert, and marketing is a leading factor in growth and success. An Astute marketing consultant will provide the expertise, knowledge, and experience that most small and midsize businesses lack. There is a reason all large corporations have an entire marketing department led by a Chief Marketing Officer that reports directly to the CEO. It is because they know that marketing is an investment and not an expense, marketing provides a return measurable in sales and revenues.

76% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges. (Source: Capital One)

Of course, you do not have the budget that large corporations do, that is where we come in. We offer the services that are most valuable to a business, without all of the excess cost or resources. Best of all, we drive growth and generate new revenues that significantly exceed our rates.

Marketing Consultant

The one thing that all successful companies have in common is


Regardless of how great your product or service is, it will not reach it's full revenue capabilities without marketing. Marketing creates awareness and conveys the benefits and values of your offering, it informs interested parties and turns them into buyers, it drives the success!

As Astute Marketing Consultant will provide

  • A strategy developed exclusively for your business, to achieve your goals
  • A positive return
  • Services custom-tailored to your resources
  • Timely and efficient execution

We're a small business too, we understand that you must get the greatest possible outcome with limited resources.


tactical marketing

Strategy and Planning

Do you have a marketing plan? Or are you doing what so many small businesses do, try different fads and gimmicks, hoping one will succeed.

Marketing is strategic, great marketing incorporates a strategy into a plan that defines the path to growth. Marketing plans do not need to be multi-page dissertations that are boring and hard to read. Actually, the best marketing plans are direct and concise. The value is in laying out what needs to be done when and how it should be done.

Our strategy and planning services have helped several businesses grow and succeed, let us show you the way.

Fractional Marketing Executive

Want to market like the big guys, but don't have the big money for a Marketing Executive?

Get the strategic guidance and leadership of an experienced marketing professional with our Fractional Marketing Executive program. This program provides your business with all of the expertise, knowledge, and guidance of a high powered executive, at a fraction of the cost.




Marketing Consultant
Project Management
Project Management

Whatever the size or scope of your marketing needs, look to Astute Group to get the job done, right!

We offer the people, technology and knowledge to get those special projects done. Whether it's building an entire marketing department, helping launch a new product, increase leads, implementing an automated email campaign, or anything in between, we can help.


Get a Hassle Free Consultation

We will give you a free phone consultation to determine if we can help your business. If we can't we will tell you so, but promise to provide useful tips and suggestions, at the very minimum. No Commitments, No Hassle, No Obligations!