Achieve Your Business's Full Potential

With the Help of an Astute Fractional CMO

Your Vision + Our Expertise 


A Fractional CMO from Astute Group will empower your business with high-caliber strategies, proven tactics, and executive-level guidance. Hence, generating definitive growth at an accelerated pace.

Resolving one of the greatest challenges business leaders face. Therefore, enabling your business achieve its full potential. 

  • Accelerate Steady Growth

    Drive definitive growth at an accelerated pace with high-caliber strategies and the guidance of an executive level expert

  • Optimize Brand Value

    Implement brand strategies developed for today's behaviors.  Strategies that penetrate target markets, optimize perception, and increase value resulting in increased profitability. 

  • Turn Ideas into Results

    Free your mind of the STRESS caused by trial and error marketing, gain the expertise of a marketing executive who will turn your vision into a reality.

advisory fractional cmo meeting

Business is Anything But Usual

The information age has brought about a major change in the way marketing is perceived and executed.  Data analytics has enabled savvy executives and business owners to understand that marketing drives growth and that the CMO is the driver of marketing.

The data that is now available, verifies that marketing is more strategic than creative.  The CMO is also the chief strategist at most organizations, formulating how to achieve the organizations goals. 

Isn't it time you brought in a Fractional CMO to drive growth and achieve your goals?

Is A Fractional CMO Right for Your Business?

Is your business growing slower than you expect?

Do you have a current, formal, documented marketing plan?

Are your marketing strategies developed by highly-skilled experts with extensive experience?

Do you rely on a Marketing Manager for all things marketing?

Are you using the numbers to manage marketing (goals, budgets and key performance indicators - KPIs)?

Fractional Marketing Executive with employees

Types of Fractional CMO Engagements

More than consultants, our fractional CMOs function as your Marketing Executive on a part-time or as needed basis.  We specifically design the engagement to meet your needs within your budget.

Outsourced Fractional CMO

Gain all the benefits of a dedicated Chief Marketing Officer, at a fraction of the cost.

What an Outsourced CMO Does

Add a Chief Marketing Officer to your executive team, at the level that is right for your goals and budget. Common Fractional CMO engagements include,

  • Full-Time CMO for a definitive period
  • Part-Time CMO indefinitely
  • Monthly or Quarterly Analytics and Advising

Advisory Fractional CMO

Get the expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer when you need it. Get the projects done right, no more excuses.

Advisory Fractional CMO Offerings

Get high-caliber expertise to fill the voids in your current marketing resources. Engage a Chief Marketing Officer on a as needed basis. Examples include but are not limited to,

  • Advise on projects or new opportunities
  • Mentor decision makers
  • Train and develop marketing staff
  • Audit existing marketing efforts
  • Annual Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

and many more ways. We will custom tailor our services to your goals and resources.

Fill the Gap in Your Marketing Efforts

We provide solutions for common gaps in the marketing efforts of most organizations.  These solutions are available a-la-carte and improve the results of your marketing efforts.

  • Audit and Assessment

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Brand Optimization

  • Sales & Marketing Integration

  • Your Special Projects

Where Does a Fractional CMO Fit In?

Successful organizations know that the CMO is the epicenter of strategy.  They rely on the CMO to develop and implement the proper strategies to drive growth, gain market share, and build great brands.

An Astute Fractional CMO not only develops the strategic planning, but also manages the execution and monitors performance to ensure goals are achieved.

CMOs are the primary strategists and central to business development and growth.  Savvy executives know the ultimate purpose of marketing is driving growth.  Our Fractional CMOs drive growth.

An Astute Group Fractional CMO eliminates random results and sporadic growth from marketing guesswork.  Our expertise will develop and implement the best strategies to accelerate definitive growth and achieve your goals. 

Fractional CMO role table

The Definitive Path to Growth

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