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Tired of Sporadic Performance from Your Marketing Efforts? 

Accelerate Growth and Achieve Your Businesses Full Potential

An Astute Fractional Marketing Executive will drive consistent performance by developing a strategic marketing solution specifically for your business and its goals. No more random activities, that generate random returns. Let us guide your business on its definitive path to growth, with proven marketing fundamentals that successful companies use, tailored to your goals. 

  • Dedicated, Focused Leadership that Drives Results

  • Accelerate Growth with a Comprehensive Solution Tailored Specifically to Your Business

  • Scalable, Cost-Effective Solution that Optimizes ROI

Executive Leadership

Gain all of the benefits of having a dedicated marketing executive, at a fraction of the cost. An Astute fractional marketing executive will identify and fill the voids, empowering your business with focused leadership and strategic marketing expertise.

We offer three types of engagements, which address the most common challenges faced by SME companies. However, if your challenges are unique, we will gladly develop a custom solution specifically for your needs.


Part-Time Marketing Executive

Need executive level expertise, but cannot afford the cost of a full-time marketing executive?


We can help.



Coaching and Development

Want to optimize your marketing resources?


Let a Marketing Expert Develop the Right Solution for Your Needs.



Fill the Gaps

Need help with a new product or just need a second opinion that is verified by research and analysis?

Do you have a marketing issue that you need an expert to resolve?


Why a Fractional Marketing Executive?

Want to know if a Fractional CMO is a good choice for your needs, answer the following questions.

  • Do you view marketing as a strategic function that drives growth?
  • Does your business have set growth goals?
  • Are your current marketing activities driven by a documented strategic plan?
  • Do you consider marketing an investment, rather than an expense?

If you answered no to any of these questions, please take advantage of our complimentary consultation. A phone-based conversation that is guaranteed to provide valuable knowledge. You get to pick an experts brain for free. 

Maximize Marketing ROI

If your current marketing efforts are not driven by thorough research and detailed strategic planning, your business is DEFINITELY underperforming, and missing opportunities.

Don't make the mistake so many SME businesses make, random marketing activities that generate sporadic results, at best. An Astute Fractional Marketing Executive will develop a comprehensive solution for your marketing challenges. Resulting in accelerated growth and maximizing the return on your marketing investment. 

A Fractional CMO is Ideal for 

♦  Small to Medium Size Enterprise (SME)

♦  Restructuring of Struggling Companies

♦  Startups Seeking Venture Capital

♦  Private Equity


 A Fractional CMO That Fits Right In


We custom-tailor engagements to fit the clients' needs and resources. Our Marketing Executives are flexible and will engage in the manner and frequency needed to achieve specified goals.

We customize the interaction to optimize performance while controlling costs, by offering flexibility on 

  • Structure of Engagement
  • Physical Location 
  • Frequency 
  • Duration


Fractional Marketing Executive with employees

How We Develop Your Definitive Path to Growth

Pick a Marketing Experts Brain for Free with a Complimentary Consultation

Get a free consultation about your marketing efforts.
No commitments, no hassles, no obligation

Real Marketing, Real Results

Below are some of the great accomplishments we have achieved for our clients.

10X Revenue Growth

We lead the charge to make our clients product line the industry leader in its segment and increase sales. Achieving 5X revenue growth in the first year, then we doubled it in the second year. Resulting in 1,000% growth in just two short years. 

82% Greater Close Rates

We're firm believers in quality over quantity. So when our client was having issues with sales people following up on leads, we stepped in and broke down the wall between sales and marketing departments. Then we aligned focus and created a lead generation & qualification solution that not only increased close rates, but it also improved morale and restored trust. 

2x Revenue, 3x Margins

That's what happens when you create a disruptive innovation for your clients'.

We doubled our clients' revenues and tripled their profit margins by developing the right digital marketing strategy. Our research enabled us to identify a major breakthrough in their sales process, an online auction. We created the plan and led the execution, providing a comprehensive solution to the client.   

Back to Profitability

Our marketing expertise and strategic leadership turned a struggling retailer into a profitable, and growing solution provider. We optimized the brand and created the "brand experience".  As well as identified new channels and expanded offerings. While developing a private label product line and highly profitable services. What started as a single store retailer, is now in 3 states with over 10 locations.