Beyond Traditional Marketing Consulting



Astute Group goes beyond traditional marketing consulting by creating and implementing a comprehensive solution specifically for your business. Most consultants provide guidance but do not execute, leaving you with a new challenge. We do more than consult, we lead the execution, ensuring that it's correctly done and achieves specified goals. Then we verify performance with periodic reporting and analysis.

We empower your business by providing access to expertise and resources that are generally out of reach to smaller businesses. Most smaller businesses cannot afford, nor have enough demand to validate marketing staff and resources to cover every critical function. We fill that void at every level by developing a solution that is tailored specifically to your business.



Comprehensive Solutions, Not Just Services


Big Business Marketing, On A Small Business Budget

Astute Group provides corporate level marketing expertise for your small business marketing challenges. We provide a big-picture perspective and apply the same principles and techniques that large corporations use, scaled to the level that's right for your business. Large corporations know that marketing is the key to accelerating growth. That's why they have an executive and an entire department dedicated just to marketing. Our marketing consulting solutions provide the right strategies, tactics, processes, and technology to empower your business to market, and grow like a big business.

Every business is unique, we build off that uniqueness by developing comprehensive solutions designed for your business and its goals, resources, and challenges. A solution that identifies the best route to your goals and accelerates performance by expanding on your businesses strengths, while supplementing its weaknesses. Your business is obviously doing something right, we'll enhance that and take it to the next level.

Developed Specifically

For Your Business

Not Just What We Do, How We Do It

So many business owners have told us "we already tried that", then they experience the Astute Difference and ask "how did you do that".  That's where our expertise comes in, how we do it makes the difference. Modern technology has made it quick and easy to send an email, run an ad, etcetera. Many fail to realize that it's not just the activity, rather how it's done that gets results. Before we talk about ads and campaigns, let's talk about strategies and tactics.

Our Process Drives Results

Whether its a small campaign or a major project, our exclusive process provides the framework to achieve the goal. (See How)


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