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Are you tired of poor results from your marketing efforts?

An Astute marketing consultant will increase the results that matter most. We improve existing marketing efforts by implementing proven tactics and methodology. The results are better KPI's across the board, whether that's the number of new qualified leads, cost per customer acquisition, or ranking on search engines, and any other critical measure of marketing performance.


  • Accelerate Growth

  • Reduce Costs

  • Increase Margins

Fill The Voids 

The ultimate goal of marketing is to drive growth. As your business grows, scalability is the key to meeting increased demand without increasing costs. Our holistic approach to marketing integrates all of the necessary resources and fills the voids, to create a comprehensive solution. One that is scalable and aligns all of your marketing efforts, creating consistency throughout all marketing activities.

Fill the Voids
  • Big-Picture Outlook

    Get an edge over your competitors with an executive level view of the market, one that combines quantitative research with customer feedback. Gain an understanding of the trends in your industry, as well as in marketing. Benefit from a fresh perspective, one from a knowledgeable outsider.  

  • Dedicated Focus

    Stop putting off marketing initiatives because of a lack of time or resources. We will function as a part of your team, leading the charge and getting the job done. Providing the dedicated focus needed to accelerate performance and drive results. You focus on running your business, we'll focus on marketing it. 

  • Strategic Guidance

    All to often marketing activities are executed without forethought and planning.  Contrary to popular belief, marketing is more about strategies, rather than creativity. We combine research, analytics and customer feedback to develop strategies specifically for your marketing goals. Strategies that accelerate performance and drive growth. 

  • Tactical Execution

    It's not just what you do, it's how you do it. This is the reason why two very similar companies will have very different results from the same marketing activities. Performance is driven by the tactics used to execute these activities. So before you write another email, add another post to social media, or run another digital ad, let us show you the right tactics. 

  • Structured Processes

    The right process is the secret ingredient to the recipe for success. We'll implement processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and achieve consistency. This structured approach is what enables businesses to scale resources and grow profitably.  

  • Technology

    The right tool for the job makes a world of difference. We'll implement the tools that right for your business specifically. Tools that will improve quality, lower costs, shorten development and measure performance. Don't worry, many of these tools are affordable and generate a much higher return than their cost, some are even free.  

  • Analytics

    As the old saying goes "What gets measured, gets improved". We measure the data that matters, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), not "vanity" metrics that have minimal impact on the bottom line. We know that it's easy to get lost in the tons of data available, that's why we provide custom reporting that is clear, concise and easy to understand. 

An Astute marketing consultant will provide your business with the marketing expertise and dedicated focus needed to achieve your goals. We scale our consulting solutions to the level your business needs. Whether that is help with a one-time project, management of an extensive campaign, or executive leadership on a fractional basis. We do more than just advise as a traditional marketing consultant would. Our marketing consultants will lead the implementation and manage the execution, providing consistent reporting and analysis. Regardless of the project size, our goal is to develop a sustainable solution that will continue to achieve results.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Marketing Planning

Think of it as an audit of your marketing department, except this audit does not have penalties, it creates benefits. A marketing expert will assess your current marketing operations and align focus, identify voids and provide a strategic plan. We'll even create analytical tools for you to monitor your marketing efforts and ensure productivity. 

Project Management

Marketing Consultant

Whatever the size or scope of your marketing needs, look to Astute Group to get the job done, right! 

We will put our expertise to work for you to ensure the project is completed correctly, on time and within budget. 


Marketing Resource Development

information sharing

Whether it's personnel, systems, processes or any other resource that's needed to improve marketing efforts, we'll take care of it. Utilize our expertise to develop the best solution for your challenge. Save time and money, eliminate errors and accelerate performance.  This innovative approach is tailored to your business's specific needs and focused on developing a scalable solution that continues to perform as the business grows. 

Fractional Executive

Fractional Marketing Executive

Get the strategic guidance and leadership of an experienced marketing professional with our Fractional Marketing Executive program. This highly structured program provides your business with all of the expertise, knowledge, and guidance of a high powered executive, at a fraction of the cost. (Executive level strategic leadership)



Empower your business with real marketing that provides the marketing fundamentals successful businesses use, scaled to your budget.

► Tailored to your business and its budget, resources, and goals    

► Cost-effective access to executive level expertise and vision       

►  Sustainable solutions that build your marketing infrastructure

Our Exclusive Process Drives Results

S.T.OM.P. ® is our exclusive process, developed to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that generates consistent performance. It's just one of the ways that we go above and beyond traditional marketing consulting.

Marketing Consultant Process

You're not alone, "76% of Small Business Owners Report Facing Marketing Challenges." (Source: Capital One)

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Drove 1,000% Increase in Sales of a Product Line

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Established Manufacturer as an Industry Leader by Branding a Feature Across All Product Lines!

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 Increased revenues by 110%  by developing and implementing the right strategy for E-Commerce and Marketing Automation.


Increased Site Traffic, Conversions and other KPI's by an average of 40% while generating qualified leads and reducing PPC and Cost Per Lead