Our Exclusive Process

Astute Group's exclusive Strategic, Tactical, Operational Marketing Process (S.T.O.M.P.®) provides a framework to develop a complete solution specifically for your business and it's resources, challenges, and goals. It enables your business to market how the big companies do, on a small budget, by utilizing the strategies, tactics, technology, and processes that successful businesses use, scaled to the right levels for your business.

Our exclusive process creates a comprehensive solution that generates a continuous return on your marketing investment. Generating real results that can be measured and tracked. It creates the foundation for your company to build upon and grow, by focusing your marketing efforts, rather than being led astray by individual projects and one-off activities. Before we talk about ads, emails or SEO, let's talk about strategies, plans, and goals.


How We Get You There

Marketing Consultant Process





Strategic Planning


Great marketing starts with the right strategy, one developed especially for your business and its goals. Strategic planning is the most crucial component of marketing, yet most small businesses forego it all together. Modern technology makes it easy to create and launch a campaign. Results vary, but one thing that is certain is that a strategy driven unified campaign will achieve greater results.


We identify and implement the best tactics to achieve your goals. It's easy to get caught up in all the buzz and hype around marketing fads, so many options that are quick and easy to use.  We see past that and implement tactics that compliment one another and add real value.  After all, what do you expect from hyped up, quick and easy fads?

Tactical Execution
Implementation of Marketing Tactics


Our unique solution for day to day operations ensures your business has the resources it needs when they're needed. No more putting off marketing efforts because of a lack of resources. We can scale our level of involvement to fit your needs, whether that's running the entire marketing department or supplementing existing talent and resources, and anything in between. This flexibility ensures your business has a comprehensive solution, one that accelerates results.


No fluff marketing here, real marketing generates real results, results that can be measured and quantified. This isn't the number of likes on social media or how many emails were sent, this is real results like the number of qualified leads generated and cost per lead, the key performance indicators that impact revenues and drive real growth.

We use those numbers to continually evolve and improve, to keep driving a return on your marketing investment.


Marketing Results