Branding Case Study


Brand Strategy Case Study


A manufacturer produced several products lines, along with ancillary products that were designed to provide ergonomic benefits. Products were not categorized in a way that made it easy to identify these benefits.


Buyers look for ergonomic functionality, it is a strong influencer in purchasing decisions. It also adds value to products and justifies higher prices. Although these benefits were available, they were not readily identifiable, often being overlooked.

Strategic Branding

The Astute Solution:

We come up with a brand strategy to brand the ergonomic functionality of these products. We created the ERGOMAXX™ name and developed a logo that is a seal applied to any ergonomic product that our client manufactured.  We then developed marketing materials specifically for ERGOMAXX™ products, bringing them all together in one place in print and digital content. For example, we created an Ergonomic Products section on the website, as well as adding ergonomics to the search functionality, and creating an Ergonomic Products Brochure.


The Results:

The most significant result was that our client became the recognized industry leader for ergonomic products in the markets they served.

That lead to a 22% average increase in profit margins for all products that were under the ERGOMAXX™ umbrella

As well as a 40% average increase in sales across all ERGOMAXX™ products.